Supporting a non-profit or charitable cause has many benefits — and not just for the charity. Your business will gain a more positive image, as well as increased community support, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

You may see increased sales, too. In a recent study, 65% of Americans said that when price and quality are equal, they would choose a brand associated with a good cause.

The key to a successful cause marketing campaign is to plan carefully. Start by following these steps:
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Choose a cause that fits your business. You can select a cause thatís obviously related to your company, such as a bookstore supporting a literacy program. The tie can also be less obvious, like a bank or doctorís office choosing a cause that promotes strong families. Whatever you choose,make sure it reflects your companyís core values.

Generate employee support. Involve your employees in choosing a cause and planning your campaign. Make them proud to participate ó distribute embroidered t-shirts, embroidered hats, custom lapel pins, silicone wristbands or ribbons with the name of the charity and your logo.

Be strategic. While you donít want your campaign to come across as a marketing gimmick, you should maximize the benefits of your efforts. A local dry cleaner, for example, advertised that they would provide free dry-cleaning for all coats and blankets people dropped off for the needy. The coat drive brought people into the store ó and the cleanerís cost of acquiring new customers dropped 67%.

Make your efforts visible. If youíre supporting a charity, talk with them about how often (and where) your logo will be displayed. If youíre sponsoring an event or youth league, hand out promotional windbreakers, custom lanyards, imprinted sports bottles, sunscreen and embroidered towels.

Interested in starting a cause marketing campaign of your own ó or improving the one you have now? Call us today for ideas on getting the most out of your charitable efforts.

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