Even with the economic downturn, golf spending has increased over the past two years. The golf course remains a place where deals are sealed and relationships bloom. More serious business is done on the links than in many offices.

A tournament isn't always necessary to capitalize on golf's allure and prestige. Golf products make terrific door-openers for sales people. A financial services firm mailed 500 tee and golf ball packs to prospects to introduce a new type of insurance. The promotion was a huge success, and surpassed all projections. The mailings weren't connected to golf outings, but they produced plenty of green inside the office.

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Even non-golfers enjoy the sport's style. To thank loyal clients, a quality golf shirt emblazoned with your name is hard to beat. These shirts are comfortable, stylish and serve as walking billboards for your company. Hats and embroidered visors are also great gifts with a long life, and size isn't an issue.

Golf themes in advertising can score big as well. An auto shop urged motorists to join its "Good Driver" maintenance program. The ad promised tune-up customers their choice of a golf towel or pair of mini golf-binoculars. Patrons also were entered into a contest for five rounds of golf at a nearby course. Requests for tune-ups rose 60%. Once the customer arrived, the shop had a chance to sell other services.


In Texas, a software company got great results by mailing sleeves of golf balls to a target group of decision makers. The "Roll Up Our Sleeves" motif got executives' attention, with the company reporting a 38% response rate.

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