Of course you appreciate your talented staff members. But do they know it? Sometimes management is so focused on the bottom line, employee recognition falls by the wayside. One recent survey showed 30% of employees plan to look elsewhere when the economy improves.

Employees don’t want much - just to feel valued, and connected to their workplace. Morale boosters like Bring-Your-Dog-to-Work Day and Casual Fridays can help. But studies show the best way to galvanize employees is with a structured recognition and reward program.
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Experts all agree, you need to combine recognition with tangible rewards to hang on to top performers. Small awards, such as watches, jackets and gold-plated note pad holders, are better than cash because they have a higher perceived value. Merchandise can also be glamorized to create excitement and get others motivated.
An Oregon resort boosted sales and morale with its Rise & Shine campaign. At the launch meeting, sales executives were given blinking pens and drinks with glowing ice cubes, both imprinted with the Shine theme. Managers also unveiled the tiered reward program, which included portable radios, CD players, and TV’s. The director of sales said resort business shot up 28% in the coming year, while other hotels floundered.

There are limitless ways to motivate and invigorate your troops. Please give us a call today to discuss a recognition program tailored to your company’s budget and needs.

The goal of our newsletter is to help our clients grow their business. Branded Merchandise is designed to increase awareness, name recognition, and lead generation. Premiums, when used as incentives or rewards, will improve customer loyalty, employee morale and productivity.

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