Just getting your message noticed by prospects is a challenge. Pop-up ads, billboards, flyers, fax, TV, email - the competition is fierce. How can you make your voice heard over the marketing din?

Dare to be creative. Step a little out of the norm and you’re already in an elite group. A Pennsylvania marketing company grabbed the attention of prospective clients with a fuzzy postcard, generating the highest response of all its self-promotions. A real-estate company in Florida had similar success by mailing a deflated beach ball printed with an invitation to visit model homes.
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Make it worth their while. Dangle an intriguing product in front of important contacts and they will bite. To get appointments in a new region, a printing company delivered remote-control toy dogs to a dozen hot prospects with letters asking for meetings. The remote itself was withheld and presented during a scheduled pitch. The “Get a New Dog” promotion snagged nine appointments and seven new clients!

Stimulate the senses. Food, coffee or aromatic freebies like lotion or lip balm make a deeper impression than mere words on paper. Make sure the packaging reflects your company’s name and information.
Tell ‘em again. You’ll need to repeat your message to get it across. One company hosting an educational seminar attracted a record number of attendees with a six-week “Learning Odyssey” theme inspired by the Stanley Kubrick space movie. Every two weeks, prospects received a teaser - florescent green water bottles, flying disks with circular flyers, and a paper clip/note holder.

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