Maybe it’s stress. But more of us are choosing outdoor leisure over sweaty competition. The popularity of walking and hiking has skyrocketed according to Leisure Trends Reports . What does this mean to the savvy marketer? With summer approaching, the best promotion might come naturally.
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Casual hikers like to make the most of their jaunts. That’s where you come in, with great incentives such as cooler backpacks, waist packs to hold wallets and cell phones, and an insulated thermos for refreshing drinks. Pets are frequent trail partners; so don’t overlook collapsible water bowls.

Some companies build entire summer campaigns around imprinted outdoor/camping gear. After all, we’re talking reusable and long-lasting gifts that give durability to your gesture of goodwill. Employees appreciate such gifts, salespeople find them motivational and clients take them on vacation. One major oil company even improved its safety record 68% by offeringbackpacks to workers who went 12 months without an accident.
Best bets? Even the shortest camping trip requires a watertight cooler - check out the new soft, foldable versions. Also in demand are plastic flyers that support paper plates and can be turned over for a game of toss and catch. When impressing new clients, go for a swanky picnic basket loaded with wine glasses, a blanket, a corkscrew, a wine duffel and an imprinted cheese board.

Please call us about inviting Mother Nature into your promotions. We predict awesome results!

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