It’s an old maxim that holds true for most businesses; more deals are consummated on the golf course than in the office. Are you getting in on the action?

One leading radio station swears by its corporate golf outings. Every spring the station hosts a day of golf, refreshments and prizes for top advertisers, who look forward to the event all year. “It’s hard to put an exact number on the benefit of these relationships,” says the station manager, “but we easily reap four times what we invest. Our sponsors feel appreciated and they stick with us.”
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Here are a few suggestions:

Putter-On-The-Go. Send this great gift with an invitation to your outing so guests can start practicing for the big tournament.

Golf Tool. Golfers will use this giveaway on and off the course.

Golf Kit. This tournament kit comes complete with a Metal Divot Tool, Sunscreen Packet, Blistex® Packet, Cleansing Towelette, Bandage Strips, and Golf Tees.

Golf Shirts. Advertise your company after the tournament is over with good-looking golf shirts.
Kick off your event with a group golf clinic led by a pro - simple idea even small companies can provide for their invitees. Follow-up with a round of golf and you’ll make impressive and valuable connections with your partners, whether they’re clients or top employees.

Add to the entertainment by rewarding closest-to-the pin, most lost balls and longest drive. Ideal prizes for these contests include new microfiber towels, head covers or framed photos of each foursome. Of course, you want your gifts to have staying power and appeal. Just focus on quality gear and you’ll score for years to come!

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