Without question, direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. When done correctly, it opens doors, turns strangers into customers and bolsters the bottom line. The ground rules aren’t hard or complicated, but they will help your marketing piece go from ho-hum to humming!

1. Write a Great Headline. No other part of your message has greater impact on readers. Studies show the right headline can increase response rates by 400%.

2. Bulk It Up. Three-dimensional mailings are irresistible. A million and one inexpensive items are available including custom-shaped magnets and light-up pens, which fit inside an envelope to add dimension to your mailing. A major computer manufacturer targeting resellers included a nugget of “gold” with its sales guide. The response rate went from less than 1% to more than 10%.
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3. Talk Benefits. Tell readers how you are going to help them save time, money or make their lives better. Remember everyone’s favorite motto: WIIFM – What’s in it for me?

4. Use Endorsements. Nothing adds more credibility than third-party success stories. A real estate broker used a few quotes from satisfied clients in a recent mailing and reaped his best results ever - $550,000 in new listings!
5. Reduce the Risk. Offer a money-back guarantee or trial period to reassure future customers.

6. Ask for the Sale. A direct mail piece without a call-to-action is like Superman wearing kryptonite tights. Give clear instructions regarding what action should be taken – i.e., call for an appointment, visit our website or buy today and receive a FREE gift. A cookware company sent a single personalized oven mitt to a select group of prospects. Recipients wanting the matching mitt had to agree to a sales visit. Appointment rates doubled.

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