Survey Secrets
Itís hard to put an exact value on customer feedback, but itís somewhere up there with gold and premium gasoline. If youíre serious about future marketing efforts, you have to know what people think about your company. Written surveys are one of the most cost-effective means for monitoring attitudes. When conducting such surveys:

1. Stick mostly to multiple choice or check-the-box questions. If you include more than a couple of fill-in-the-blanks, response typically drops by half.

2. Ask people what they like most about your product or service - and use any great reviews as testimonials.

3. To triple response rates, offer a small but desirable reward such as a light-up keychain or mini-MP3 player, or enter respondents in a sweepstakes to win larger prizes such as a desk clock radio or translucent binoculars.
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Filling The Donut Hole
They did it again. That nice company dropped off donuts early in the morning and by afternoon nobody could remember who brought them. Delivering treats to a worksite or office definitely wins friends and influences people. Itís also a great icebreaker on cold calls.

But unless your name is on those goodies, youíre missing the chance to convey your message to numerous people all day long. What you need are preprinted donut boxes, complete with business-card holders.

The same principle holds true for candy jars. Package the first batch of sweets in a custom-imprinted jar, and have your rep refill it on future visits. That way, customers and prospects keep feasting on your name with or without calories!

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