Every day, your prospective customers (or their secretaries) sort through hundreds of pieces of mail and a huge percentage of those documents end up in the trash. This presents a real challenge for companies considering direct mail as a way to market a product or service. How can you make sure your mailer ends up in your prospect's hands and not in the recycle bin? The following tips are designed for creating direct mail that gets read:

Get creative. What types of mail are you tempted to open? What offers would you respond to? Put yourself in your prospect's chair and think about how you can get their attention.

Add another dimension. Amidst the flat daily mail, a three-dimensional mailer screams, "Open me! I'm interesting!" For example, a consulting firm got the attention of its clientele by sending out custom-designed frozen orange juice cans containing bright orange brain-shaped stress relievers.
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Enjoy sweet success. No one throws away a delicious chocolate treat. Consider using chocolate bars with customized wrappers or chocolate shaped like CDs, casino coins or a champagne bottle. If you really want to go the extra mile, use customized confections shaped like your product.

Make it personal. It's much harder to throw out a handwritten letter addressed directly to you, right? When such a letter accompanies a prominent promotional piece, you're in the door. Couple personalized letters with unique items that speak to your business and the prospect's needs. For example, customized flip-flops are a great way to announce the opening of a new Florida office. An ultra thin digital camera is a great way to suggest to a prospect, "Picture yourself reaching a new sales goal."
Ask for the business. Just like an effective salesperson, your direct mail piece should contain a call to action. Make it easy for prospects to respond by including your fax number, website, and email address. You can't close the deal if you don't ask for the business.

Your direct mail piece is essentially the same as a sales person making an office visit but at a fraction of the cost. For more ways to make direct contact with your prospects, give us a call today!

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