February 2007   
Want to expand your customer base without blowing your entire advertising budget?

Effective marketing ideas donít have to cost a fortune. There are many creative ways to achieve maximum results with a small investment of your time and money. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Use broadcast email You can connect with hundreds or thousands of prospects for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Use Outlook or contact management software to send an electronic newsletter, company info or specials. For maximum impact, be consistent Ėsend your electronic mail on a monthly or quarterly basis.
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2. Ask for referrals. Send customers a letter thanking them for their business and ask if they know of others that may have an interest in your products or services. Be sure to include a gift such as a calendar, chocolates, or even a handy calculator as token of your appreciation.

3. Start your own network. Invite clients to a get-acquainted session at your office or a restaurant. Begin by making a few remarks about your company, and then hand out nice writing pads and pens imprinted with your company information. Lastly, let guests introduce themselves and their businesses.

4. Remind existing clients of all your capabilities. Many customers will pigeonhole your business, so let them know you offer a full range of products and services (including consultation, design, inspection, etc).
5. Brainstorm a list of your business benefits. Print your list on promotional items such as mouse pads, stress balls, refrigerator magnets, and mail to potential customers.

6. Donít give up. Marketing experts estimate that 80% of sales occur on or after the fifth contact, so donít be shy about making another round of phone calls or sending follow-up mailings that include a memorable promotional product.

The goal of our newsletter is to help our clients grow their business. Branded Merchandise is designed to increase awareness, name recognition, and lead generation. Premiums, when used as incentives or rewards, will improve customer loyalty, employee morale and productivity.

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