March 2007  
Time Travel. USA Today says 73 percent of business travelers rely on alarm clocks, but dislike hotel models. Treat clients to a nicely packaged graphite alarm with snooze button, calendar and thermometer.

Chew on This. Logoed gumball machines appeal to clients who value tradition and stability. Not only do they have high-perceived value, you can print numerous logos on the gumballsóand send refills to keep your name on their lips.
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Flashy Gift. Flash drives rank as the most useful corporate gifts you can give to clients (and employees). They are also great marketing tools. Just preload your company info. Get the cool twist-cap they can't lose.

Reach for the Cookie Jar. Send scrumptious baked cookies in a keepsake leather handled basket for the whole office to enjoy. (Your regards printed on a satiny bow). Also hot this year: chocolate-covered Oreos, almonds and pretzels!
Popping Promotion. Your popcorn canister will be the office favorite with three flavorsócaramel, cheese and butter. When the goodies are gone, your custom tin remains.

Sit on It. Remind clients of your corporate-sponsored event with this unpredictable and useful memento: A logoed chair!

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