May 2007  
The average worker wastes more than 2 hours out of each eight-hour day according to a recent study conducted by AOL and This 20% loss in productivity costs employers approximately $5,720 in salary each year. Where do all the wasted hours go? According to employee self reporting, they are spent surfing the Web and socializing with coworkers.

One approach to getting employees back to work is to clamp down on internet use with strict limitations. A softer, more “carrot-oriented” approach to improving productivity is to implement an incentive program for those who exceed productivity goals. According to experts, the key to success for such programs is to set smaller, more attainable weekly or monthly goals for employees. And of course, to reward them with gifts that rock! Here are a few suggestions:
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Feed'em... Working hard can really work up an appetite! Consider rewarding employees with fun food gifts such as popcorn in a reusable tin, hot sauces with imprinted labels, or a specialty chocolate basket. Another idea: Thank employees with assorted cheeses accompanied with a cutting board.

Bag'em... Looking for a motivational gift that’s bright, fresh, functional and trendy? Check out the wide assortment of available bag styles. Choices range from high-end leather laptop bags to foam-insulated lunch bags… and everything in between.
Plant'em... Thank top employees for helping the company grow with unique gifts of flowers. Branded bags of bulbs, bright color imprinted buckets containing a wide selection of plants and flower seeds are good choices for nature lovers.

We can hook you up with hard-working incentives to reward top producers. Give us a call today!

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