Summer 2007  
Some gifts have universal appeal for universal purposes. T-shirts bearing your company name and logo are always a hit regardless of whether you are motivating employees, introducing yourself to potential clients or saying thank you to customers.

The key to giving shirts that will be worn is to think outside the box when it comes to styles, colors and materials. Some trends to consider:
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Special effects printing – Why limit yourself to one color, flat ink imprinted shirts? Create shirts that will be remembered with glow-in-the-dark ink, jewel tone gels or high density ink.

Compressed packaging – You can hand prospects your T-shirt OR you can hand them a T-shirt compressed into the shape of something relevant to your business or promotion. Examples include a star, a guitar, an airplane, a hard hat or a cell phone. Go the extra mile with an imprinted message or logo on the compressed shape.

Soft tees – When it comes to T-shirts, the softer the better. New materials (such as fine jersey) allow for durable tees that feel like they’ve been washed hundreds of times. And just like the fabric, colors are soft and heathered.
Bolder patterns – Don’t shy away from patterned fabrics! Bolder patterns actually tend to support simple logos better. Of course, complex logos are better suited for smaller or tighter patterns or solids.

Performance fabrics – Fabrics that work overtime on tasks like wicking moisture away from the body are an excellent choice for golf or tennis shirts. An added bonus: they are lighter, and they don’t fade or shrink. Other big performers: no-wrinkle and stain resistant fabrics.

Let us know if you need help – we’ll give you the shirt off our back!

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