Here’s an easy way to track the results of your next promotion: print a unique URL (web address), phone extension, or code on your promotional items. This number should be unique to the promotion. That way, when customers log on or call, you’ll know which promotion they’re responding to.

For example, an airline promoting non-stop flights to a new destination had workers dressed like flight attendants hand out logo’d bags of pretzels with a unique URL. When people logged on to learn more, the airline was able to measure exactly how many people were responding to the promotion.

You can do the same with promotional pens, promotional lip balm, custom calendars, custom magnets, promotional mugs, calculators and more. You can even imprint the information on a card you attach to a promotional gift of embroidered t-shirts, embroidered hats or other embroidered apparel. It’s an excellent way to figure out what works best with your prospects – and build on that success.
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A Southwestern bank with 60 branches wanted to promote its new free checking accounts. Playing off customers’ skepticism about getting anything free from a bank, the company created a when pigs fly theme. Customers who signed up for a new free checking account were given a piggy bank shaped like a flying pig.
The bank opened 14,085 new accounts during the promotion – exceeding their projection by 70%!

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