Winter 2003  
Puzzle Cube:
These puzzles are not only fun and challenging, but also provide you with a
great advertising opportunity. They are highly visible while sitting on your
prospect's desk!
Try Item#: AM-1322
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Desk Clock:
The perfect way to provide a lasting memory of a special accomplishment or achievement is with this beautiful clock award.
Try Item#: T7901
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Outdoor Kits:
Be sun-savvy - with your message and these necessities for a day in the sun. Each kit is packed with 2 Advil (R packets), 2 bandages, 1 Blistex, 1 sunscreen lotion pocket pack, and 1 hand sanitizer.
Try Item#: AM-5104bn
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Ultimate Survival Tool:
This cool tool includes a knife, bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver, punch, and much more! Great for employee and customer appreciation.
Try Item#: V4204L
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  Pen Sets:
This neat looking pen set is an ideal gift for your clients. They'll think of you every time they sign their name.
Try Item#: 497
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Reflective Logo Jacket:
This revolutionary new material acts like millions of mirrors working together to reflect light back to its original source.
Try Item#: 13024
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