Holiday 2002  
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Are you free next Tuesday? If you just made a mental reach for your calendar, you're not alone. The average Joe refers to his calendar four to five times a day. In today's busy world, it's no wonder most homes have four calendars, and the majority of business-people keep at least two calendars within glancing distance of their work stations.

Few promotional items can match the calendar's 365-days-ayear wallop, which is why savvy marketers enthusiastically reorder these mini-billboards year after year. In terms of exposure and potential print space, calendars are the advertising equivalent of the Academy Awards.

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To add even more punch, a variety of economical options can add value and originality to your promotional calendar:
  • Thanks to technology, customized calendar illustrations have never been more affordable. Imagine vivid photographs of your employees, products and facilities for every month of the year.
  • Imprinting specific dates with product and service info increases value for both you and your customer. Include seasonal coupons and specials, anniversaries, etc.
  • Heighten local interest by featuring community events and festivals.
  • Another idea is to place several small items - a pen, mini tool kit, or flashlight in a stocking. Other seasonal items include ornaments, live holly plants, and festive music CDs. You can even send clients a bucket of "free dough" - cookie dough, that is - with a clever card.

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  • Personalize the calendar with your client's name emblazoned on each month.
  • Consider partnering with another business to co-sponsor a calendar packed with moneysaving offers and information.
  • Choose a stock calendar theme that compliments your company's identity: patriotic, motivational, whimsical, humorous, outdoors - you name it, it's available.
  • Target recipients with just the right calendar format for their needs: appointment, daily desktop, wallet size, or hanging.

Calendars, whether at home or work, deliver a year's worth of hot dates for your company's advertising dollar. The spectrum of inexpensive and attractive calendars available is amazing. Take a peek at some of our catalogs and see for yourself.

Call us today to see the complete universe of options!

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