Holiday 2002  
Q: I'm a small appliance dealer with a limited advertising budget. What are some inexpensive ways we can generate more store traffic?

A: Easy, just ask your vendors for the money! That's right; many manufacturers provide co-op dollars to their dealers in order to promote their particular brand. Mail potential customers a special offer and include a promotional product imprinted with the brand's name or logo and your company's information. Make sure the item you select is useful and fits in with an overall theme or message.


Q: It's been a tough year for our company and we would like to thank our key employees for all of their hard work. What do you recommend?

A: A lucite or crystal award is just the ticket. It serves as a reminder for a job well done and shows appreciation 52 weeks a year.

Try Item: JC216 Try Item: JC8180 Try Item: JC1823 Try Item: JC8170
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Q: Our business is slow and we would like to generate new sales. What kind of promotions can we do without breaking the bank?

A: Direct mail, when done right, can be very effective and inexpensive. First, you need to write clever copy with a compelling offer. Then, include a small item such as an imprinted pen/screwdriver in the envelope to add bulkiness. It's best to tie the promotional product into a corporate theme or message, so when prospects see the item they naturally think of you.

Try Item: A182 Try Item: P770S
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