Winter 2003  

Why settle for a 1-2% response rate when you could be pulling in 4%, 8%, 20% or more? Your direct mail either succeeds or fails based upon how well you convey your message. If you want to get the most out of your sales letter, follow these important guidelines:

  1. Use an attention getting headline - It should answer the question: "What's in it for me?"
  2. Personalize it - Use the name of the individual to whom you're writing.
  3. Focus on the reader - Avoid talking about yourself and your business. Instead focus on the benefits the reader receives from using your product or service.
  4. K.I.S. (Keep it Simple) - Short, easy to understand sentences are ideal. Newspapers write for an 8th grade reading level and you should too!
  5. Use action - Using active verbs in your writing has a dramatic effect on the energy and excitement of your message.
  6. Test - Before beginning a costly direct-mail campaign, send out a small sampling and test your results. Try different versions of your offer and see which one produces the best results.
  7. Make it easy to respond - Include a return envelope, website (w/dedicated page), email address, faxable order form, and toll-free telephone number.
  8. Use Premiums - Double your response rate by tempting readers with a free gift such as a radio, organizer, or tote bag with each new order.
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Before your prospect can read about your incredible offer, you've got to get them to first open the envelope. According to a recent study by the U.S. Post Office, only 44% of direct mail is ever read. Since most of us already receive enormous amounts of unsolicited mail, it's imperative that your envelope stands out. Including a pen, ruler, or other lightweight item in the mailer, adds dimension and will get your prospect's attention.

You can also increase response rates by using unusual packaging such as bright colors, tubes, oversize envelopes, and teaser copy. If you would like more direct mail ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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More Tips!

  • Use customer testimonials.
  • Offer free shipping and handling.
  • Provide creative payment options ($0 down, installments, or no-interest).
  • Offer a free sample or consultation.
  • Include a no-risk, satisfaction guarantee

The goal of our newsletter is to provide the benefits of using promotional products. Corporate Merchandise Services are designed to increase awareness, name recognition, and lead generation. Premiums, when used as incentives or rewards, will improve customer loyalty, employee morale and productivity.

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