Summer 2002  

When financial planner Ron Macy wants to promote a new investment opportunity to wealthy clients, he has no problem getting them to agree to a six-hour sales presentation - on the golf course. Ron and his clients have fun; they get to know each other better; and he subtly gets his message across.

Almost 27 million Americans play golf, and the typical golfer is 41 years old, with an income of $71,500. It's no wonder more and more companies are attracting new customers with golf themed promotions.

Everyone views golf differently. Some see it as competitive, while others revel in the time outdoors. Still others relish the social aspects of golf. One way to reach all those people, show your appreciation and create fond memories is with a corporate golf outing. The relaxed paced game gives participants a chance to chat and get acquainted.

To avoid disaster, carefully plan the details of your event and remember to:

1. Set clear objectives and define goals. All employees should know what is expected of them.
2. Budget for quality. If you can't afford a big tournament, reduce the size in order to maintain the quality.
3. Plan foursomes cautiously. Avoid putting together conflicting personalities or competitors.
4. Follow a theme. Apply the theme to everything from invitations to the thank-you notes.
5. Give Awards. Put your logo on sunglasses, visors, and golf towels. Consider giving out kits filled with sunscreen, a sport bottle and a divot tool. Awards for the winners come in exciting shapes and sizes, from lead crystal keepsakes to logo'd golf bags and jackets.

Plan well; strive for high quality, reward participation, and your event will be talked about for months and years to come. The goodwill that is generated from your golf tournament will pay huge dividends!

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