Winter 2003  

Did you know most of the big beer makers are grounding their ritzy vacation promotions? Faced with tighter budgets, America's largest brewers are now creating a buzz with traditional promotional products.

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Last year, the beverage companies gave away more hats, sports balls, coozies and barbecue-related items rather than offering consumers the chance to win a handful of expensive trips. Other retailers are taking a ride on the "backyard promotion" bandwagon as well. The prizes fit into the everyday lifestyles of consumers, acting as walking billboards that build brand awareness.

Advertising experts toast beer manufacturers' strategy - selecting different giveaways for sports, outdoor activities and social gatherings. Winners directly relate the prizes to the brand and feel increased loyalty. Less expensive, works great: now that's a promotion to cheer about!

The goal of our newsletter is to provide the benefits of using promotional products. Corporate Merchandise Services are designed to increase awareness, name recognition, and lead generation. Premiums, when used as incentives or rewards, will improve customer loyalty, employee morale and productivity.

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