Holiday 2002  

Sending holiday gifts to customers as a token of appreciation is not only an example of goodwill, its good business. You want to select a gift that will be used and appreciated.

Delectable edibles fall into this category, especially during the holiday season. Rather than simply sending a box of chocolates or a jar of nuts with a card, use creative packaging embossed with your firm's name. This way, the container will linger long after the goodies have been gobbled, reminding the recipient of you.
The treats themselves can be memorable conversation pieces. CD-molded chocolates imprinted with your logo and message, for example, will likely be displayed for days. A plethora of chocolates are available in industry specific shapes and custom designs guaranteed to elicit both mmms and ahhhhs.

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Make sure your holiday presentation is different from giveaways used throughout the year. This is a perfect time to say thanks to loyal customers. A more personal or higher-end gift, discreetly imprinted and accompanied by a personalized letter, would strike the right note. The gift doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Another idea is to place several small items - a pen, mini tool kit, or flashlight in a stocking. Other seasonal items include ornaments, live holly plants, and festive music CDs. You can even send clients a bucket of "free dough" - cookie dough, that is - with a clever card.

Last year, a lot of companies that scrimped on holiday gifts recognized their mistake and followed up with giveaways early the following year. Customer retention is key in tough times. Let clients know they are valued, by sending your generous compliments of the season. Ask us how a tiered gift-giving plan can help your holiday budget go as far as your good wishes.

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