Fall 2002  

Most salespeople know the easiest way to get new customers is through referrals. Smart sales managers have found that promotional products, when used properly are an effective way to boost referrals and build the bottom line. Does your company have a strategy that automatically reminds clients, friends, and family members to speak with colleagues about your products or services?

Here are some ways to implement a solid plan that's sure to bring in more business:
Plan Ahead. Create an easy system that pursues referrals and your staff will be more inclined to use it. Instead of each salesperson having to come up with individual ways to ask for referrals, have a package on hand that acts as a referral booster. One roofing contractor offers customers $50 for referrals. After the initial sale, the company sends a house-shaped refrigerator magnet with contact information and the referral offer printed below.
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Keep in Touch. Form a regular KIT (Keep in Touch) program. For example, you might send imprinted calendar/calculators in December, specialty box of candies in February, a fresh plant in the spring and a logo'd thermometer in November.
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Have a Hook. Your referral program should be memorable and unique, just as your business should be. Clients must want to refer others to you. Come up with a very usable promotional product or a clever tag line. One company that offers computer backup services uses candles imprinted with the message, "Call us when the lights go out."
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Be Consistent. Referral programs work only when you and your employees become comfortable with asking for referrals. Make it a part of every business call, during the sale and in the follow up. Give your clients a small token, such as an imprinted letter opener or a desk clock, to keep your name and contact information handy.
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In order to get referrals, your product or service has to be outstanding. The right promotional product will make your company unforgettable. Call us today and let us help you make a lasting impression!

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